by Dhia abada

From the sun rays, we will one day
have a bounty of wheat ears
we will nurture them
they will multiply
on our hills, there are
threshing floors

Blockade us
and plant our children as roses
in the bosoms of the graves
they return in the morning
to find the graveyard

Load up your sinful war machinery
and leave us
and bury a dream you drafted
in the spaces of your notebooks

Believe me
you won't gain access to the rocks
then entrenched underground
then erupted
into high mountains
and established
by the will of the Almighty

Go look for the seawater and drink
quench the blazing hell inside you
eating at your malignant
poisonous selves
and blinding you up to your eyeballs

Copyright © 2014 - Dhia abada
Published: 4/10/14   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem