Why Are We in Iraq?

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Welcome to "Why Are We in Iraq?"

This website is dedicated to giving the poets of the 21st century a place to speak out about a world consumed with war, peace, religious intolerance, military strategy, violence and hate. Here poets are free to voice how they feel, irrespective of their political allegiance.

New Poems Published the Week of November 28, 2015

"Every Dead Baby is Baby Croatian" by Michael Brett
Tom, calm as a sniper, has a plan to buy a tank for Bosnia in Kaliningrad,
Paint it white, remove its guns and say it is an ambulance.

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Today's Featured Poem
Originally Published March 8, 2007

Agent Orange
by Adam Wiedewitsch

Whoever opens his chest
sealed by orange crypt
coded rubber bands
above standard issue holsters
shotguns and buckshot
fatigues, badges and blouses
will be met by a young boy
one scarred by stepping
on nails and falling off pigs;
a rural type who knows
sacrifice is part of good works,
one who moved to The Cities
away from choked farmers
turned factory;
another crutched esteem
both mangroved and clear cut,
one with fucked wry smiles
of church basement potlucks
V.F.W. reception halls;
apolitical guy with instinct
fist love and police support,
one whose synapse defoliated
with bareback licks of Lin:
dedicated this to dearest with all
my sincere felings for you
love you very much love always;
and he ran from low plane sprays
stinging the flesh of progress,
cinched himself with a noose
hung from oil drum barracks;
an anguish of Bob Hope tone
joking in a carrion landscape
in the fall out of Tet 1968
collecting genes far from St. Paul
surviving in optical filter fraud,
then having some kids.

Copyright ©2007-Adam Wiedewitsch