Why Are We in Iraq?

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Welcome to "Why Are We in Iraq?"

This website is dedicated to giving the poets of the 21st century a place to speak out about a world consumed with war, peace, religious intolerance, military strategy, violence and hate. Here poets are free to voice how they feel, irrespective of their political allegiance.

New Poems Published the Week of November 28, 2015

"Every Dead Baby is Baby Croatian" by Michael Brett
Tom, calm as a sniper, has a plan to buy a tank for Bosnia in Kaliningrad,
Paint it white, remove its guns and say it is an ambulance.

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Today's Featured Poem
Originally Published February 15, 2007

Waves of White Crosses
by Darlene Georges

They were my friends, lovers, sisters and brothers
But now their names are etched on walls, plaques and waves of white crosses.
Our flag ripples in the wind around the world
to some a symbol of power and greed, to others of hope and freedom.
But here, I see the flag draped over coffins, red white and blue triangles against black garb, young widows, Motherless and Fatherless children feeding the green their tears among the waves of white crosses.
Politicians and lawmakers see money and power,
but all I see are waves of white crosses
The future that will never be is here,
among the waves of white crosses
and the rotting flesh beneath.

Copyright ©2007-Darlene Georges