gnimbley the gnome

About the Author
gnimbley is a discordian anarchist whose main claim to fame is that he wrote a play entitled, "The Trial of George W. Bush." He is currently working on a novel and is developing an experimental work that will unfold online.

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forgotten (10/23/08)
the carnival of expectations is in town
clowns of hope and fear are performing
they stand upon laminated cardboard boxes
that they claim are limestone and steel
and wave iridescent wisps of smoke
that they claim are apocalyptic consequences
you shudder and retreat
into your fortress of platitude and apathy
Iraq Oh Bomb-ah (9/3/09)
Four haikus (originally three)
A seed planted deep
Promises are like cherries
Ripe and then soon sour
Reimaging America (9/25/08)
Freedom is too real
too difficult to mortgage
a badly made sloppy joe
seeping out many wrong things
Why Are We in Iraq? (8/25/06)
Mary Jane weeps gently
in her dream
she mouths voiceless words
screams silent prayers
turns without volition
walks without direction
lies without lying down