Argent Aisling

About the Author
I come from a family with strong military ties on either side. Currently, I have a pair of cousins in the conflict. A brother has recently finished a tour of duty with rumors of being called up again to active duty by the Marine Corps. Several of my friends are currently in the military as well.

I personally know individuals that lost family at the World Trade Centers, Pentagon, and on the flight that crashed in Pennsylvania. I am opposed to terrorisim. I am opposed to the current trend within the USA towards a something that's increasingly resembling the facisim that my great-grandfather fled from Germany. I support the values which my ancestors fought and died for in the Revolutionary War. I grieve the death of the innocent and pray for the suffering.

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Walking Death (8/28/06)
Orginal title: Voice of the Lebanese Orginal version: Lns. 1 - 14 The orginal was penned in response to the war between Israel and Lebanon. It was the voice of the innocent dead. Then, as I looked at it, I realized, it speaks to the larger tragedy of war. It is my hope that the Reader understands that my use of the word "dark" is not a slight upon people of non-Caucasian heritage. It is in the sense of "dire" or "dread."
Walking Death has come among us
In the nightmare world of reality
Shadows of hell promise