Debra Jean Harmes Kurth

About the Author
Debra J. Harmes Kurth currently resides in Milton, West Virginia, although raised in Wisconsin. She is the owner/editor of an emerging hard copy poetry quarterly Art With Words; writes a weekly column on poetry for two local newspapers, is the president of her local poetry society, and the 1st Vice President of the West Virginia Poetry Society. She is a published and award winning poetess. She has been recently published in: Red River Review, Descending Darkness, Coal, A Poetry Anthology by Marshall University and Blue Mountain Press. One of her poems is included in the book Beyond Katrina, published by The Arts & Healthcare Initiative of LA, a book of poems, quotes and images inspired by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita that hit the Gulf Coast in 2005.

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In One Image of a Child (12/28/06)
This poem came from an image on the news of a child sitting in the dust.
Her picture flew . . .
a pin of light, into an away
world, through galaxies,
off man-made stars.
Lemme Tells Ya Bou─t The Freedom Bird (10/7/06)
This piece is dedicated to Captain John Kurth, KIA 03/04, Iraq. Also all those men and women, who have died in the service of their country. Capt. Kurth was a cousin to my sons.
I tied me a yella ribbon,
up on the front porch post.
Then hugs my boy for all I's worth,
he was goin' off to war.