G. Sierra Khan

About the Author
G. Sierra Khan aka 'e pluribus' is an arts administrator, a PhD candidate at Syracuse, and most recently, a 'Nawlins' native without a 'right of return;' just one of the millions of people around the world, forever displaced in the wake of Geo. W. Bush's administration of the only remaining 'superpower.'

Author's Web Site: signifying.blogspot.com

Mission Creep (1/18/07)
This poem emerged shortly after U.S. forces invaded and only revealed its closing flourishes within the last few days. Anticipation about the Bush administration's pending announcement about its 'plan' to deploy a surge force into Bagdad is the cause for its publication, here and now.
(Dubya said)
attempted to buy
"yellowcake from Africa"
ties to al-Qaeda
Mohammed Atta (not)