Richard Swanson

About the Author
Richard Swanson, who lives in Madison, Wisconsin, won the Posner Award from the Council for Wisconsin Writers for his poetry collection "Men in the Nude in Socks" (Fireweed Press, 7320 Cedar Creek Trail, Madison, WI 53707.)

In 2003 he was a runner-up winner in the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation's contest, for a poem entitled "Wishes for the Next War," which is included in his poetry book. He is also the author of "Events of the Day," a novel about student protests in the early 70's, loosely based on the bombing of Sterling Hall on the University of Wisconsin Campus.

His newest work is "Not Quite Eden," (Fireweed Press), and he continues a five-year effort developing a verse collection on the mind-sets of war.

Abu Ghraib (3/29/07)
This poem was originally published in the book Men in the Nude in Socks and other poems from Fireweed Press. Published with the permission of the author.
Whatever was in the mind
of us? Find it in words!
What does it say of our kind
Baghdad Email (1/25/07)
Mom, Dad, hey
coming home early.
Not to worry, really.
Little Book of War (2/11/10)
This poem came about shortly after a visit to Barnes & Noble, before Christmas, where I spotted a mini book entitled "Little Book of Warfare." I still can't fathom how a publishers could turn the subject of war into a cute product.
Awesome, everything
there, just a page away
at your fingertips.