Regina Kandraska

About the Author
For the past fifteen years, I have been an adjunct professor of English and Communication courses at colleges in the Boston, MA area.

And the killing goes on, leaving more painful memories. But...will we ever learn?
Don't cry for me...
I've met my destiny
and found solace in the soil that covers me.
Calvary (5/1/08)
According to court papers, filed in a class-action suit, recently brought by groups representing military veterans, there is now an "epidemic of suicides" among military veterans. And, according to news reports, suicides among U.S. troops in Iraq - and after they come home - now number well over 1,000.

Most of us can only imagine the isolation and desperation that these soldiers feel. But...I think we should really try. Empathy might well be our greatest weapon against war.
where I erupted tears and tore limbs,
leaving broken bodies, sacrificed...
to the greedy landscape in the sun...
building another calvary.
As of September 8, 2009, about 4,340 US troops have been killed in Iraq since the 2003 US-led invasion. (BBC News) So...four more - it's becoming mundane. We're getting used to it. Aren't we?
In the marketplace of death,
the barterers juggle lives,
but not their own.
Forgetting War (12/1/11)
We remember...
and we talk about what we have not seen.
We say we know the pain,
that we have not felt,
and feel the brutality,
that you got and gave.
Medallion (3/13/08)
Sadly, the war goes on and there is yet time for me to continue writing on this topic. And there is talk of possible war with Iran. Can it really be so? I guess the cries are just not loud enough, for some. Peace, now, will not bring back all the lost souls, but I am hoping that this slaughter will end soon.
The medal...
hanging on my mother's wall,
framed in ebony and tears -
holding on to hopes struck down
and frozen in time...
The Daily Meal (3/20/14)
Promises of peace fading,
in a sky streaked with dust from soldier's boots.
Bright eyed children playing in torn up streets.
The Goddess of War (3/10/11)
I believe that peace is as viable a concept as war. I believe that war is a failure of the human spirit, but that it is not inevitable, that human beings have the capacity and strength to rise above destruction and demise and to find a better way.
I am the goddess of war -
your fantasy of excitement and deed.
The Soldier's Promise (3/15/07)
If I promise to kill -
Will you stand with me...
And help to strike the fatal blow?
Will we watch together,
As a breathing soul turns to charred, lifeless flesh -
Or will I stand alone?
The War Plans (8/16/07)
I wrote this poem shortly after having written "The Soldier's Promise". I did not submit it then because I was hopeful that the nightmare of "Iraq" would soon be resolved and that the poem would be outdated. But after today's [July 18, 2007-ed.] Senate vote...I am so disheartened. This poem is a statement of my disillusionment.
They meet in secret rooms
   and make their plans.
When the Dogwood Blooms and the Cardinal Sings (2/8/07)
When the dogwood blooms
and the earth warms beneath my feet,
I will go to you, lying in your forever cold grave.
Why (11/27/08)
I dedicate this poem to all those who are still suffering the pain of war.
I hurt, I cry, I die...
I march through bloody soil.
I try to do what is expected of me -
You ridicule and punish those who don't.