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A teacher of twenty-two years and I have been writing throughout my life off and on. I seriously started writing after I had two poems published recently at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C.

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All American Pie (4/5/07)
I believe in freedom's ways.
I want to keep my slice
of the all American pie, today.
Wings of Brotherhood (3/8/07)
This is a poem written to voice my opinion of the importance of defeating the religious extremists in Iraq and in the middle east. I believe the perfect war strategy for these people is to come into our country unnoticed and start either terrorizing or killing us. The book by Homer, The Trojan Wars, is a clear example of what I believe is their strategy. The Trojan Horse is filled with unnoticed killers; a history of self repeat.
From the start,
She slipped on her armored cape
unfurling upon her majestic
feathered nape.