Shelby M. Forrest

About the Author
I am retired from both the Marine Corps and the Upland School District lin Califorinia, where I served as both teacher and principal for over thirty years. I was a fighter pilot in both WWII and in Korea. I flew F4U Corsairs from land bases and from carriers. I was recalled to active duty after serving my first year as a teacher. I served for five years in WWII and five years in Korea. I had a total of 30 years in the USMCR. I have been writing poetry for over fifty years, and I have one poetry book that was published. I also have a web site, which lay dormant for some time, but is now being newly activated.

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The Ultimate of Comaraderie (4/19/07)
The experience reflected in my poem has occurred in many battles in which Marines have fought.
Always in the thoughts of that U.S. Marine
was the innate concern for his buddy,
as he trudged through a climate much hotter than hot,
with his own body wounded and bloody.
Why We Are In Iraq (7/5/07)
This poem reflects my own personal feelings about our involvement in Iraq. We are in more than an isolated war in Iraq. I feel that we are in an extended global terrorist conflict which will last for many years to come. I fear for my grandchildren.
Some people have chosen to close eyes and ears,
pretending that there is no threat.
Like an ostrich, they stick their heads deep in the sand.
How foolish can such people get?