Bryon D. Howell

About the Author
Bryon D. Howell is a poet currently residing in New Haven, Connecticut. He has been writing poetry for a great number of years. Recently, his poetry has appeared in poeticdiversity, Red River Review, The Quirk, The Cerebral Catalyst, and The Lost Beat. Bryon is also the Editor-in-Chief of four online poetry 'zines: The Persistent Mirage, Bringing Sonnets Back, Quentin's Naughty Poetry Journal, and The Brave Little Poem Daily.

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A Poem For George (5/17/07)
Hard to imagine this whole world at peace,
it's difficult to dream of better years.
My Anthem (6/7/07)
Today I despise
Redneck-in-Chief (7/12/07)
He claims he is Christian. Woe is me!
I've classified him as The Redneck Chief.
We put him where he is, and foolishly -
for centuries to come, we'll know the grief.
The Fly-Trap (5/3/07)
"I think it's very hard for anyone to see the Big Picture, especially when our own appearance in it - isn't fully developed."
I am always
of Bipartisan Chameleons.