Brad Horton

About the Author
Brad Horton is a medically retired Cavalry Scout.

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3 Birds (12/3/09)
when the rain came down, and the worms dug deeper
and hope slowly faded
the applause of the colliseum ripped them from their nest
shaking them in flight, and the lions and tigers roared
Bad trip (4/30/09)
got hit in Iraq on a hit of war
Iraq war
dropped by youths
propagated by the government shadows like the drug it is
Border Crosser (6/28/07)
I crossed at the border
and no one questioned me
me, an American, outside of America
Memorial Day 2009 (6/11/09)
The yellow ribbon is for the soldiers they say
but why is it the color of cowards?
The Perfumes of Arabia (5/28/09)
they've washed their hands
and all the perfumes of Arabia
cannot cleanse mine