Geminga J. Mistry

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Ageless Heresy (9/13/07)
What bed did he leave
to the susurrus of aspen trees,
what pillow to the quivering caress
of a mother's fearful hand?
Gone to a War Zone (8/2/07)
I quake in my deepest hidden places
When he laces
Combat boots around his calves
And tucks a pistol into his belt.
One Day (9/13/07)
Leave your children playing quietly
Under an absent loving gaze,
Leave the lawn unmowed,
The schoolwork undone,
The dishes half-washed.
Let me tell you a secret:
soldier dreams (8/2/07)
For my father.
sweating, shaking, body quaking, starting, waking, turn from me
water flowing, tears are showing, sobbing growing, lost from me