The Bard

About the Author
I have been a songwriter in publishing houses in Nashville and Los Angeles. I have also published three books: THE BARD: ...BORN INTO.../TORN BETWEEN..., ANOTHER TIME OF NURS'RY RHYMES, and FROM WHENCE NURS'RY RHYMES COME. I have also published CDs of alternative music and currently recording a gospel CD.

Viet Nam Jam and Related Sticky Stuff (8/9/07)
I wrote the poem in 1968. I could write the same one for Iraq. I say now as I said way back then: "Let the ones and their children go fight these wars who believe them to be worthy and let the common man live his life free of getting injured or killed for causes he can't understand."

This poem is from the book, THE BARD: ...BORN INTO.../...TORN BETWEEN..., the fictional autobiography of The Bard, not William The Great, of course, but Robert "Raghnall" Campbell, the best of his works from 1966-2005.
           ...Old Uncle Sam,
               He got in a jam.
                He got in a fight,
                 He couln't make right.