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From the New Jersey suburbs when they actually were "sub" urbs to the hardcore suburban savannah ecosystems of the Route 95 corridor between Baltimore and Washington, I've invested thousands of avocational hours to the production of bad poetry, bad pen-and-ink abstracts on heavy water color paper (hot pressed) and bad (but original) rock and roll music. I have little doubt I'll be among the first against the wall when the revolution comes.....

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Graffito From a Colorado Crapper 1981 (8/16/07)
Fully cognizant of this item's faults. But as a bit of street expression (it is an actual graffito from a rest room in an off-campus bar and pizza place near Colorado State), I thought then (and more strongly now) that it captures the crippling lack of actual challenge in day to day life of the global middle and upper classes. And that it is that lack of real outlets is one path to wacky, irrationally macho posturing generating the role of the west in modern "asymmetric" warfare. There is, of course, a critical need to understand how the "other side" in these conflicts is motivated, and I hope authors and readers of this site will start to pursue that with increasing vigor. Finally, I've been seeking the author of this "piece" for 26 years. If you scribbled this in indelible black Sharpie on a shithouse stall in Fort Collins around the end of the school year in 1981, please let me know!
It is forbidden to dream any more
We maim our dreams...or hide them