Diane Elayne Dees

About the Author
Diane Elayne Dees writes poetry, short fiction, essays, and creative nonfiction. Her poems about social justice have appeard in Out of Line, HazMat Review, The New Verse News, and on the Poets Against War website. For five years, she published The Dees Diversion, a blog about feminism, animal liberation and other progressive values.

Author's Web Site: womenwhoserve.blogspot.com

Assessing the Damage (9/11/08)
It doesn't seem like seven years have passed
since we first saw the smoke and heard the blast.
When traumatized, a slowing down is needed,
but these chaotic months have blown by fast.
Bush Speaks the Truth (9/6/07)
The truth is like ink that leaks from a pen
no matter how careful you are filling the nib.
The Finers Points of War (9/6/07)
"This," says CNN's talking head,
"isn't regular warfare--it's barbarism." What I would like
for him to tell me is which part of the whole affair
is regular...