Vera Spitz

About the Author
Vera Spitz received a BSBA (1985) and an MBA (1989) from UIC and worked in the Business / IT field in the States for over 20 years. She is currently living in Austria where she is teaching English to the natives.

Before the gravestone (9/20/07)
Was the world just an awful and dangerous place
where you needed to lie to stay alive?
Were you constantly beaten and used as a target
by others in their own quest to survive?
Religions and Politics (11/1/07)
Unnatural, uneasy alliances are formed -
here illustrated is a simple paradox.
In the name of some strived for common cause
the hound can be found to sleep with the fox.
The Forgotten War (4/2/09)
Is war like last year's fashion?
Only interesting when it is new?
Or are we all just the victims of overload,
bidding our heartaches adieu?
You promised to return (9/20/07)
You left on a Thursday morning.
I still hear your voice in my mind's ear.
You left me with the warning
not to believe all that I hear.