Melissa Rachel

About the Author
29-years-old, I am an author and poet. I also write screenplays, lyrics, and fan fiction. I self-published a collection of poetry called Silent Dreams, which can be found online. I am currently working on a collection of short stories.

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Into The Sand (9/27/07)
Into this desert, I wander
with this gun carried in my arms.
Into the sun, I dance
as my soul burns away.
Oblivion (5/20/10)
It hammers the door
that keeps it inside,
saving us from falling victim
to the warmth of ignorance
P.O.W.S. (6/24/10)
Let a moment of silence
stand between us and the war
to remember our fallen soldiers
Remains of a World Gone Mad (5/20/10)
Why must children
pay with their future
because we spilled the blood of innocence
and changed the world for ourselves?
Stitches of Time (9/27/07)
Wounds of war
walk the pages
that we write,
and dreams
will never allow
them to fade.
Tears of War (6/24/10)
The eagle flies
over the raging battle
as men and women fight