Mark Robinett

About the Author
I am an ex-English teacher with a B.S. in Education in 1972 and an M.A. in English in 1977, both from the University of Kansas. My M.A. thesis was a narrative poem with a political theme. I then attended the University of Texas Law School and graduated in 1979. I am currently practicing law in Austin, Texas.

a small price (10/4/07)
She was the daughter of a high school friend.
A good friend in the days when Viet Nam
hovered like an uninvited guest
at the outskirts of every young man's life.
of every young boy's life.
What are we doing there? (10/4/07)
And it's one-two-three, what are we dying for?
Is it really WMD?
Or to give Iraq democracy?