Kristin Lee

About the Author
I am an adoptee, the long lost daughter of a disabled Vietnam Veteran whom I finally was able to find & reunite with....

My biological father was in the Vietnam War when I was born. I was adopted as an infant into a loving family. Yet still I always wondered who my biological father was, as my adopted family had been given no information about him. I met my bio-dad 3 1/2 years ago, after 10 years of trying to find & contact him.

The privacy laws that are supposed to protect him, made for a lot of red-tape to find my bio-Dad who had been in the VA hospital system for over 35 years.

He is now critically ill. I have tried to fight for his medical care, psychiatric care, and legal rights in courts and the Federal VA System...the state court of Ohio declares, despite my + DNA test that proves he is my father with numbers of percent 99.953, "you are a stranger to this man, he is not your father as his name is not your birth certificate!". They will give me NO RIGHTS TO HELP HIM GET MEDICAL CARE despite the facts that he is being neglected and abused by the state appointed guardian and the courts, and is left to die with no medical treatments.

This man, my father, never got to be there to sign my birth certificate as he was serving his country in 1967 when I was born and has been disabled ever since... he was hidden away in the VA system for over 35 years!

I have written letters everywhere for help to advocate for him. So far only one politician has stepped up to the plate and not passed the buck. He is trying to help us, but it all takes time and I am left to watch my father die.

He may die, his untimely death, yet on his death bed I vowed
To speak about the lie, and honor his brothers, whose stories I will share,
and to never rest.
Until America learns to care for all of our Vets.

Editor's note: Kristin wanted me to add a link to the website of the Daughters of Vietnam Veterans. She says the group has been important to her as she copes with her father's fate.

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Lady Liberty Cries - A Veteran's Day Poem (12/20/07)
My father is critically ill, I have tried to fight for his medical care, psychiatric care, and legal rights in courts and the Federal VA System...

In knowing him and trying to fight for his rights, I have met many Veterans whose stories have changed my life. This poem is written to honor their lives, and for all Veterans who suffer and their families. I want to share some of this 'hidden world' with you.

Above all this poem is written with hope that you will find a way to make life better for Veterans today. We cannot allow other Veterans to be failed by the system.

As you pass me by in your car with that yellow ribbon
on your way to that one day sale, will you remember my tale.
Will you just stop and listen?
Can you hear what the soldier and their families have to say?
Find a way to take some action to show the soldiers that your signage is more than a popular, yet hallow statement?
Do what you can or... even more than you can, do it now.
Visit your local veteran's center to help out, attend a Veteran's Day service, call and donate to a Veteran's charity, speak to your elected officials.
Please do something to find a way to bring change and do your part to make life better for Veterans today.
Lady Liberty cries
tears no one can see.
Another Veteran's Day comes and goes
It passes as quick as parade
and the support for the troops,
never shows, in the land of the free.