Rudolph Tenenbaum

A crime (4/17/08)
The crime committed was minimal.
But everyone looked for the criminal.
Death in battle (3/13/08)
"Death in battle makes little sense,"
said the secretary of defense.
"If one died as the battle was fought,
it was definitely his fault."
Facts (8/21/08)
But some of the facts
Are blunt and exact
And quite inconvenient,
As a matter of fact.
The Aggressor (5/15/08)
It required courage and candor
To decide to eliminate Canada
And to tighten the noose
On the neck of the goose.
Fine plumage, but underneath
He was armed to the teeth.
The World Peace Treaty (7/3/08)
Of human history
An unremarkable page.
Everyone lives
To an old age