Daniel Damiano

About the Author
Daniel Damiano is a Playwright, Actor, Director and Poet. A resident of Queens, New York, he has had plays produced thus far throughout the U.S and Australia, and has been the recipient of the Christopher Brian Wolk Award, an OOBR Critics Choice Award for Excellence and Grand Prize in Attic Theatre's One-Act Marathon in Los Angeles, among others. Aside from his current work in the theatrical world, he is nearing completion on his first volume of poetry, entitled "Words of Varying Significance".

The Blind Mice and the Big Cheese (7/31/08)
"The Blind Mice and the Big Cheese" is a poem that I wrote some time ago, about a year after the U.S. invasion into Iraq. I liked the thought of creating a metaphorical poem, with the rhyme and rhythm of a children's story. I feel that the piece serves to convey the on-going absurdity as to our reasons for being there as well as the sad after-effects of war.
The blind mice, ideally,
desire to live life, simply,
and care for their loved ones at home.
Though complications arise,
there are lows and there are highs,
there are things that they will probably never know