Joseph J. Locascio

About the Author
Joseph J. Locascio, Ph.D. is a bio-statistician with multiple appointments in the Neurology Dept. at Massachusetts General Hospital, the faculty of Harvard Medical School (Neurology Dept.), and the Dept. of Brain & Cognitive Sciences at MIT. He taught statistics and data analysis methods at MIT for 4 years (1998-2001). He has 50 publications in prestigious medical/scientific journals, magazines, and books, and has published a satire of religious hypocrisy in Secular Nation Magazine in the summer of 2007.

The Father of Lies (3/19/09)
The poem is a lamentation and warning regarding the erosion of the value of honesty in our culture, and the implications of that in terms of violence and unnecessary warfare conducted for ulterior motives.
I conceive of the lies that support every war,
that glut all the rich, that send in the poor.

To first exhaust peaceful solutions is trite,
and won't satisfy a real man's appetite.
So I sell you the lie that war's the best choice.
Cheers, hymns, and lies drown any dissenting voice.