Ian Cameron

About the Author
I am a south Londoner, aged 71, ex member of the Nineties Brixton Poets. I have been writing poems on and off for about 25 plus years. I am retired from a varied politically committed career both in the voluntary sector and Local Government.

Author's Web Site: weoweit2ourowngoodselves.blogspot.com

..... SO COME ON GODO ARE YOU LISTENING..... (2/25/10)
This poem written in the Sicilian Nebrodi Mountains was illustrated with trees dancing, tomaties blushing, flowers buzzing, trails of ants doing the conga, a lizard wiggling its tail, and an emu flying upside down backwards. You can see the original, illustrated version here: Sicily Ablaze.
Lizards would lie on their lovely backs
'n' wiggle their tails in the sun
Trillions of Ants would do the "Conga"
(this one would run 'n' run!)
GOATS (6/10/10)
Goats caused all the War Dead
in Afghanistan and Irak
in flippers they killed off all the Codfish
'n' they sure don't get put back