Subhash Misra

About the Author
Subhash Misra works for UNICEF, UN's Children's agency, and has published a book of poems -- "Gangasmriti & Other Poems" -- and is completing his second book of poems largely about life of exile.

Charlie Location (11/10/11)
This poem was written when I came to Baghdad for the first time in November 2008 and on the very first morning as I woke up the UN Camp (Charlie Location or Tamimi) was shelled by rockets killing at least two persons. The poem is a description of life in the heavily UN location. It also laments if international strategies are going to resolve Iraq's, or for that matter any country's problems.
In the room
Flowers bolted to the ceiling
Like detained stars
City had One Thousand and One Nights (9/29/11)
This poem is a thought for all those who live in Baghdad of today. I am here only for work (as a UN staff) and the American troops are getting ready to leave but this city would be home for many others in spite of no immediate hope! The city had a civilized past but today it is only known for death.
And those who are left behind
Get ready to weep to sleep
As if tears are prayers