A perfect hit (1/9/14)
Violence leads to violence, that leads to more violence that leads to... all in a vicious circle that spins faster and faster, until..., or...?
Will the young ones cheer in unison as they watch
Grownups solving problems?
Or... will they scream in agony and call for more?
A War Hero's Story (5/30/13)
Hobbling down the road,
My army clothes in rags, medals on my chest,
Looking for my brother.
Questions From a Boy (2/14/13)
Dad, have you ever killed anyone?
The Expendable Soldier (11/1/12)
This poem is in a sequence of six based on the generalities of modern war.
Have you ever wondered how it feels like,
To look over the barrel...
Into the eyes of another?
War and Butter (3/28/13)
How to make wars, keep the economy going and make profit at the same time.
Well, I have an idea!
Let us invent some enemies,
Paint them with the color of hate
And drop some bombs!